Monday, February 18, 2008

THE List

Move over, Josh Hartnett. That lame 40 days of celibacy is nothing compared to this girl's 40 days. To cope, I've started a list. I've compiled 10 items I think I should purchase after the day of bonnets, brunches, and Cadbury cream eggs.

The basic idea of this exercise is to discover that, in the end, I don't really need these things. After more than a month of mulling it over, I will realize how petty and foolish I have been to love material things so dearly. ha ha... doubtful.

Here is the list so far:

  1. Pink Onzie/Romper

  2. Big-ass sun hat

  3. Sassy flip flops

  4. Deep V Hipster T

  5. J. Crew Sundress

  6. Cinch Belt

  7. Prep-tastic Shorts

  8. Sidekick

  9. Reeboks with the straps

  10. Obnoxiously large Chanel Sunglasses

Each item will be further scrutinized in future posts. Good day to you.

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